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Most In-demand Jobs in the USA


In-demand jobs have the most opportunities, such as high salaries and career advancement. However, the salaries of in-demand jobs may help you improve your job search and motivate you. If you’re looking for a new job or are interested in switching fields, search for the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A.

The United States of America has a dynamic job market that offers plenty of employment opportunities. But if you’re a student who intends to stay back, a job search in the U.S.A. can be stressful but not impossible. Meanwhile, you could get lucky if you have the necessary educational qualifications for the most in-demand jobs in the USA.


In the past few years, job vacancies in the U.S. have skyrocketed above previous records. With about ten million open positions, the best time to search for the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. is now. Reading this article, you’ll find various in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. with their wages.

However, the most popular and in-demand jobs have some common attributes, such as competitive salaries, clear opportunities for career advancement, consistent demand, and a healthy work-life balance. Even though job opportunities are vast in the U.S.A., some jobs are more in-demand than others.

Let’s explore twelve in-demand jobs that annually pay an average salary of $50,000 and above.

What Jobs Have the Most Vacancies in the U.S.A.?


The report shows that the jobs with the most openings in the U.S.A. are in the healthcare and social assistance sectors. Furthermore, jobs in this category include specialist medical roles and their assistants, often in an administrative capacity. This implies that doctors, dentists, surgeons, and speech therapists are in demand, as well as secretaries and managers.

Moreover, home healthcare is one of the jobs in which demand is particularly high. This is likely the largest expected growth of any occupation in the U.S. Also, it reflects a trend towards health care being provided in home and community settings rather than a clinical one.

Another of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. is that of a Registered Nurse. Registered nurse jobs are expected to grow by 178,000 in the next ten years, the fifth-largest expected growth of all occupations. Similarly, the related role of a nurse practitioner is expected to undergo the second-fastest growth in the next ten-year period.

How to Find In-demand Jobs in the U.S.A.

There are several ways you can search for in-demand job opportunities in the industry of your choice. However, you can begin by browsing the United States government’s employment website. On the sites, you’ll come across lists of in-demand positions and industries that can offer insight into potential roles in your local area. Also, it’s an advantage for you to attend local job fairs and networking events.

Twelve In-demand Jobs in the U.S.A.

The twelve most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. are listed below, as well as their salary and requirements. Scroll down!

1. Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for designing, test-running, and improving software programs for computers, mobile devices, and other devices. There are over a million software developers in the USA, with an average age of 38 years. However, this male-dominated field takes up 75%, and females account for the remaining 25%.

Furthermore, the increasing need for technology and software in different sectors, such as healthcare, finance, and transportation, has led to a high demand for software developers. On average, most software developers retire at sixty-five years old. In addition, this career path is projected to grow at 25 per cent by 2031.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. You can earn an average annual salary of $109,020 as a software developer.

2. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are health care professionals who support doctors and other medical professionals with their patient care duties. They provide patient care, administer medications, and assist with medical procedures in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Furthermore, there’s a high demand for registered nurses all across hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics in the U.S.A.

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However, the ageing population, retirement, and an increase in chronic diseases have created a higher demand for healthcare services, including registered nurses, making it one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the need for healthcare workers and increased the demand for nurses. If you have the necessary training and a great approach to patient care, numerous job openings are available countrywide.

Moreover, this profession is female-dominated with 90%, while the males accounting for 10%. In the U.S.A. alone, there are over three million registered nurses with an average age of 44 years.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and state nursing license. As a registered nurse, you can earn an average salary of $90,650 annually.

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists collect and examine large data sets to pinpoint patterns and trends that can inform business decisions. However, the continuous increase in the data collected by businesses and organizations has generated a need for professionals who can analyze and interpret the data. Data scientists are highly in demand in various sectors, such as healthcare, finance, and technology.

Furthermore, there are over a hundred data scientists in the U.S. Like software developers, it’s also male-dominated, with 67% and females accounting for 33%. Nonetheless, the employment of computer and information research scientists, which includes data scientists, is expected to grow by 36 per cent by 2031.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. As a data scientist, you can earn an average salary of $100,910 annually.

4. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists assist people in recovering from injuries or illnesses and develop skills needed for daily living and working. However, the ageing population and an increase in chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes have made this profession one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. Additionally, due to the advancements in medical technology, people with disabilities and injuries can now live longer, leading to a higher need for occupational therapists.

There are over a hundred occupational therapists in the U.S.A. This profession is dominated by females making up 88% of occupational therapists, while males account for 12%. Furthermore, employment of occupational therapists is projected to grow 15 percent by 2031.

Requirements: Master’s degree. As an occupational therapist, you may earn an average salary of $85,500 annually.

5. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work in the healthcare sector and assist or support physicians. They are in charge of performing medical examinations, diagnosing illnesses, and providing treatment under the supervision of a licensed physician. However, the increasing demand for healthcare services, especially primary care, has increased the demand for physician assistants.

Additionally, physician assistants can perform similar duties as physicians, making them a crucial resource for patients in underserved areas. This profession is female-dominated and makes up 65% of physician assistants, while males account for 35%. The average retirement age for physician assistants is 63 years old.

Requirements: Master’s degree. As a physician assistant, you may earn an average annual salary of $121,500.

6. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist works in a dental office, cleaning teeth, taking X-rays, and providing preventive dental care to patients. The dentist profession is another one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. Moreover, if you’re willing to be dedicated and committed and earn the required degrees, this job offers great security and great prospects now and in the coming years.

In addition, dental technology and technique advancements have made it possible for dental hygienists to perform more complex procedures. Thereby making them a remarkable asset to dental practices. The growing emphasis on preventive dental care has increased the demand for dental hygienists.

Furthermore, this profession is dominated by females making up 95% of dental hygienists, while their male counterparts account for 5%. The employment of dental hygienists is projected to grow by 10% by 2031.

Requirements: Completing a post-secondary program approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. A dental hygienist may earn an average annual salary of $78,300 in the U.S.A.

7. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists assist injured people with illnesses to improve their movement and manage the pain. They are, however, an essential part of preventive care, rehabilitation, and treatment for patients with terrible conditions, illnesses, or injuries. In the U.S.A., there are over two hundred physical therapists.

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Additionally, it’s a female-dominated profession; females make up 62% while males hold 38%.

On average, physical therapists in the U.S.A. retire at the age of 62.

Requirements: Doctoral or professional degrees. A physical therapist can earn an average salary of $95,630 annually in the U.S.

8. Nursing Assistant

Intensive care unit nurses provide emergency and trauma-based medical care to ICU or emergency room patients. Nursing assistant jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. They are in charge of the heavy lifting in the healthcare world, and there’s a growing demand for skilled and reliable individuals.

Furthermore, these individuals will work alongside nurses and other medical professionals to care for patients effectively.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (B.S.N.) and registered nursing state license. A nursing assistant in the U.S.A. can earn an average annual salary of $109,600.

9. Financial Manager

As a financial manager, you can work in various sectors, overseeing financial operations and developing strategies to help organizations achieve their financial goals. However, the increasing complexity of financial regulations and the growing importance of financial data in decision-making has created a higher demand for financial managers. Additionally, the increasing use of technology in finance globally has created new opportunities for financial managers to expand their skills.

This profession is mainly dominated by males, with 67%, while females have 33%. Nonetheless, the average retirement age for financial managers is 66 years old. Employment of financial managers is projected to grow 18 per cent by 2031.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. As a financial manager, you can earn an average annual salary of $131,710.

10. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts can work in different sectors, monitoring computer systems and networks for security breaches. They also develop strategies to protect sensitive information. With the threat of cyber attacks on the increase and the growing importance of data security in various sectors.

The demand for information security analysts has also increased. Additionally, technological advancements and the increasing use of cloud computing have created new security challenges requiring skilled professionals. Meanwhile, there are over a hundred information security analysts in the USA.

Furthermore, the profession is dominated by males, 82% of information security analysts, and females accounting for 18%. Employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 34 per cent by 2031.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. You may earn an average annual salary of $102,600 as an information security analyst.

11. Construction Manager

Construction managers manage budgets, oversee construction projects, and ensure workers do everything necessary to complete projects on time and within budget. The growing need for infrastructures like roads, bridges, and buildings has created a higher demand for construction managers. Additionally, there has been increasing complication in construction projects and the need for sustainable construction practices.

This profession is one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.A. and pays well. Furthermore, over 400 construction managers are in the U.S.A., and there’s still room for more. Although the demand for construction managers may differ by location, industry, and other factors, the job market constantly evolves.

However, these professions are expected to remain in high demand in the coming years due to developments in various industries. This sector is dominated by males, which comprise 92% of construction managers, with females accounting for just 8%.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. As a construction manager, you can earn an average annual salary of $98,800.

12. Manager

Managers plan daily schedules, and sometimes interview and hire new talents. I also motivate and encourage existing employees, design and maintain budgets and report to senior-level management.


Requirements: A high school diploma or G.E.D. is acceptable, depending on the industry, but a bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred. Additionally, a construction manager can earn an average annual salary of $55,000 in the U.S.A.