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Jobs That Can Get You a Work Visa in the US


A work visa is an employment permit that allows an individual to take up a job in another country. If you reside outside the US and want to secure a job with a US employer, you’ll need to apply and obtain a work visa. Meanwhile, numerous jobs can get you a work visa in the US. However, there are different types of work visas available in the US. Understanding the requirements for each of these visas will help you determine which permit to apply for. Cm’n let’s get going

What is a Work Visa?


A work visa is a permission granted to an individual who wants to take a job within a foreign country. However, the foreign country where you plan to secure a work permit is also called the “country of work”. Furthermore, there are different visas based on the type of job you secure and whether you’ll be staying permanently or temporarily in the US.

Learning about the various types of visas and their qualifications will help you understand the most appropriate one for your purposes. As an employee, you’ll need an employment visa as well as a work permit which will allow you to secure a job in the US.

Some In-demand Jobs For a Work Visa in the US

1. Statistician

A Statistician is a problem-solver, who uses data, mathematics, and other statistical methods to identify and proffer several solutions. Oftentimes, they either work as full-time employees or consultants for various companies. Furthermore, the use their analytical skills to understand business-related problems and possibly determine the best solution.


Statisticians can apply their skill sets to several industries. As a statistician in the US, you’ll earn an average annual salary of $94,250 with job growth estimated at 34%. A master’s degree is required.

2. Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for coding and creating software and various apps. They also send updates to previously existing interfaces to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Furthermore, they mostly work behind the scenes to create and build different programs that people use on their computers and mobile devices.

As a software developer, you’ll need to know programming languages. Also, understand what users need from a specific piece of software to design an impactful product. However, taking the job of a software developer in the US will earn you an average salary of $112,100 annually. Estimated employment growth is at 23% and a bachelor’s degree is required.

3. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are responsible for providing support in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. However, they are usually the first to interact with a patient, taking their medical records and ensuring a smooth visit. They also facilitate submitting of patient’s prescriptions to pharmacies and explaining the medications to them.

Additionally, medical assistants may carry out basic lab tests and collect lab specimens. As well as execute various duties to support doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Meanwhile, a medical assistant may earn an average salary of $38,650 per year. A high school diploma and training or professional certificate is necessary.

4. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are progressive in their field since they have acquired higher education than registered nurses to consult with and diagnose patients. A nurse practitioner may work in different healthcare specializations, including pediatric, psychiatric, and women’s health. However, they must complete significant clinical training to enable them to work closely with patients.

Also, they must be powerful communicators and critical thinkers. With an average annual salary of $118,650, nurse practitioners are one of the highest earners in the US. Additionally, a Master’s degree is a requirement.

5. Web developer

Another on the list of jobs that can get you a work visa in the US is a web developer. They are responsible for designing and developing websites for brands, companies, and clients. Furthermore, website developers are of four types, back-end, front-end, full stack, and webmaster.

Each category centers on a specific aspect of building and overseeing a website. Also, they must know at least one programming language, as well as understand fundamental design principles. In addition, web developers can earn an average salary of $79,200 per year. A typical requirement is a Bachelor’s degree.

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6. Financial Manager

A financial manager oversees the company’s finances like the profits and expenditures. Aside from monitoring the cash inflow and outflow of a business. They also make larger financial decisions to achieve financial well-being for the company.

However, financial managers must be strong communicators, planners, and organizers due to the nature of their work. As a financial manager in the US, you can earn an average salary of $135,120 per year. Furthermore, the requirements include a Bachelor’s degree plus five years of experience.

7. Market Research Analyst

The last on our list of jobs that can get you a work visa in the US is a market research analyst. They are an essential part of a company’s market strategy. However, they examine and provide actionable judgment when it comes to competitors, customers, and new markets.

Market research analysts also develop new ways of collating data to help them understand customer’s wants and what competitors offer. As well as the category a new product or service could potentially fit in. Furthermore, their job entails a combination of powerful mathematical and analytical skills alongside critical thinking and clear communication. They earn an average salary of $68,800 annually.

Types of Work Visas

Here is an overview of the ten different types of work visas including the temporary and permanent visas, along with their requirements.

1. Temporary Worker Visas

A temporary worker visa will allow you to stay in the US for an appointed time. However, the law demands that you leave the US by the date of your visa expiration. Except you choose to reapply, extend the date, and continue to work.

Listed below are temporary worker or non-immigrant visas that permit employees to work for a specific employer in the US.

1. H-1B specialty occupation

This is the most familiar type of work visa in the US. Furthermore, it is open to foreigners from other countries who work in specialty occupations like computer science or engineering. However, this visa is highly in demand, therefore there’s an annual cap on the supply.

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher and have an employment offer from a US employer in a specialty position may qualify for this visa.

2. L-1 visa

This type of visa is for workers who work for foreign businesses that have direct connections with US companies. An employee will likely apply for this type of work visa if they are transferred to their company’s US branch. Furthermore, this type of work visa is applicable if a foreign company transfers an employee to start up their US branch.

Meanwhile, to qualify for this visa, an employee must have worked for a foreign company for one continuous year. It’s crucial to note that there are two categories for this type of visa, this includes:

  1. L-1A: Managers and executives sent to the US to work at or establish a new US branch will qualify for the L-1A visa.
  2. L-1B: Employees below the manager level will be eligible for the L-1B visa to work for the organization in the US. However, they must have specialized knowledge about the business, its product, or its processes.

3. O-1 visa

This type of temporary worker visa is for people who have exceptional skills within their field. Meanwhile, to show that they’re remarkable at their job, these candidates must provide proof that they’re one of the top in their field. And also famous locally or internationally, for their achievements.

Individuals in sectors like business, sciences, arts, sports, entertainment, and education may qualify for this type of visa. Furthermore, employees who assist exceptional workers, like personal assistants and managers, may also qualify.

4. E-1 and E-2 visas

This type of worker visa allows people from particular countries to visit the US for trade activities. Individuals can obtain an E-1 work visa as a treaty trader or an E-2 work visa as a treaty investor. Treaty traders are people from a country with a trade agreement with the US who perform ongoing trade activities.

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Treaty investors include people who have invested a large sum of money into a US business and can demonstrate that they are coming to develop their investment.

5. TN visa

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) created the TN work visa. This visa is for Mexican or Canadian citizens who want to come to the US to work for an employer. To qualify, you must demonstrate that you’re a citizen of one of those countries, have a job offer from a US employer, and have a position that qualifies you under NAFTA. However, some examples include lawyers, scientists, engineers, accountants, and pharmacists.

6. E-3 visa

This visa is only applicable to foreigners from Australia with a specialty occupation. And also their spouses and any children who are below the age of 21. Every year, this type of visa is not issued in excess since there’s a limited number, excluding the spouses and children of each applicant.

Furthermore, the requirements include a bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent, a special skill set that’s required to fill a specialty position, and a job offer from a US organization.

7.Seasonal agricultural worker visas

Seasonal agricultural worker visas (H2-A) are available for foreign workers who want to come to the US to work on a seasonal basis due to a shortage of domestic employees. Meanwhile, these temporary visas can last up to one year each, with a three-year maximum.

2. Permanent (Immigrant) Visas

The permanent visa is also referred to as a green card. It’s a type of work visa that’s issued to foreigners who wish to work and live in the US permanently. In some cases, employees may apply for this type of work visa after relocating to the US.

After getting a temporary residency permit, eligible immigrants can change their status to permanent residents.

1. EB-1 first preference

You can apply for an EB-1 first preference visa under three pathways. Under each pathway, the US demands that you meet certain criteria and file a petition individually or through an employer. Listed below are the three types of EB-1 work visas you can apply for.

  1. Exceptional ability: You may qualify for this pathway if you can show exceptional abilities in the sciences, education, art, business, or athletics.
  2. Outstanding professors and researchers: Under this pathway, the US demands that you show international recognition for achievements in an academic field. And also have at least three years of experience in teaching or research.
  3. Multinational managers or executives: You may qualify for this pathway if you plan to work as a manager or executive for an international company with a US branch office.

2. EB-2 Second Preference

You may qualify for this work visa if you have a progressive degree or remarkable abilities in your field. Furthermore, if you have an advanced degree, you can tender documents to earn this visa, such as an official academic transcript. To qualify for an EB-2 visa for exceptional ability, the US demands that you meet certain requirements by submitting documents.

These include:

  1. Official academic record.
  2. Also, have letters from employers documenting at least ten years of full-time experience.
  3. License or certification.
  4. Prove a salary that shows your exceptional ability.
  5. Membership in a professional association.
  6. Recognition for your achievements and contributions to your field.

3. EB-3 Third Preference

This visa is open if you have a labor certification and a permanent full-time job offer in the US.


Furthermore, there are three types of employees eligible for this visa, which include:

  1. Skilled workers: To be eligible as a skilled worker, the US demands that you have at least two years of training/experience. And also meet the educational or experience requirements of the position.
  2. Professionals: You can qualify as a professional if you have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and perform professional work that US employees are not able to perform.
  3. Other workers: This category may include those with professions requiring less than two years of experience for which US employees are unavailable.